How to Enable USB Mass Storage on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500/I9505

Still don’t know how to enable USB mass storage on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500/I9505? Read the article to find out the best way for you.

As a smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 do provide us a special experience. With the phone, we can download many beautiful pictures, exciting videos and pleasant songs, so that we can enjoy them whenever and whatever. Thus, in order to get higher faster reading speed on our Samsung Galaxy S4, we need to enable USB mass storage on Samsung S4 firstly. In the article, you can learn more about how to enable USB mass storage on your Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9500, GT-I9505, SGH-I747M, SGH-M919 and SGH-I337).

In fact, you can turn to some special tools for help. I recommend you a professional one here. You can try SG USB Mass Storage Enabler. The professional tool, better than SGS3 Easy UMS application which only supports external micro SD card, supports both exFAT partition and external micro SD card as the USB mass storage.

However, Note-root access is necessary for you. Since Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t support UHS-I standard, the USB mass storage will not be as fast as the card reader.
Fistly, please download the free program of SG USB Mass Storage Enabler online on your Galaxy S4. Then please install it and run it on your Samsung Galaxy S4. I will show you how to enable mass storage on Samsung Galaxy S4 step by step. Just follow me now to have a try! I will show you steps with detail.

Step 1: Connect Galaxy S4 to computer

Firstly, please connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with your computer via USB cable. Your device will be detected automatically. You will then see words “With this application you can easily toggle USB Mass Storage mode on or off for the microSD card in the device. You cannot export the internal SD Card due to limitations put by Linux filesystems and the way USB Mass Storage works. This application required BusyBox, if you don’t have it, install it from the Play Store.” Just select “Mass Storage Mode” one to continue.

enable s4 usb mass storage

Step 2: Now, please grant root access to it to finish the process.

The program does benefit you a lot. Want to have a try? Just download the program and follow up to complete the enabling USB mass storage on your Galaxy S4 GT- I9500, I9505 job right now!