Transfer Files from PC to HTC, Sync Data from Mobile Phone to HTC

When get a brand-new HTC phone, the first thing you may want to do is transferring files, such as photos, music, videos from your old phone to HTC devices or from a computer to the HTC phone. In the article, I will show you how to complete the task with ease.

To complete the task, you can try two professional tools. The first one I recommend to you is called Wondershare MobileGo for Android (Windows) or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac), both of the two versions enable you to manage your Android phone easily. Thus you can freely copy all your pictures, contacts, SMS, songs, videos and apps from PC to HTC smartphone in just one click. In addition, the program enables you to free download & copy all your apps, song, videos from the Internet to HTC smartphone directly through the program on your PC.

The second tool I want to recommend to you is called Wondershare MobileTrans, with help of which you can transfer data from Symbian, iPhone/iPad/iPod & any Android device to your HTC phone.

Part 1: Copy data to HTC from PC with MobileGo for Android

In the first part, I will show you how to sync data to HTC from PC with help of the program MobileGo for Android. Here is the Windows version as an example. If you are Mac user, you can follow the similar steps.

Note: If you are not sure whether your HTC model is supported by the program, just check here in details.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1. To start with, please download free trial version of the MobileGo for Android program in the site and install it on PC. Then please launch the Windows version on your PC, you will see a connection window in the program.

MobileGo for HTC Phone
Step 2. Now, please just line HTC smartphone to your PC via a USB cable. If you are a Windows version user, you can also do the connection via Wi-Fi. Once connected, the program will start to detect your HTC device immediately and then show it in the starting window.

Step 3. Transfer all files from computer to HTC devices
Now in starting window of the program. to download songs, apps, & videos online to HTC smartphone, just click the cross and then input the name of your favorite site and URLs in the pop-up window. Then, you can see the websites on the left sidebar, you can now download songs, apps, & videos freely. During the downloading, you can check the process by clicking “Downloads” at the lower-left corner.

In the left side column, you can see all files on your HTC smartphone classified in different categories, such as music, apps, videos, photos and contacts. Please click one by one to show the corresponding window. Then, click “Add” or “Import/Export” to your files.

Note: If you ever exported your SMS to PC with help of the MobileGo for Android, you can now import them to your PC with the program with ease. But it may not be able to import those messages to HTC phone if they are exported by other tool.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Part 2: Transfer files from Nokia/Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod to HTC by MobileTrans

With help of Wondershare MobileTrans, you can transfer files from any your iOS/Nokia/Android devices to the HTC phone in just one click. Here we offer you free trial version of the program, please download either the Windows version or Mac version according to system of your computer. Here are steps for you to follow.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version)Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)

Step 1. At the very beginning, please install the program that you downloaded early in your PC and then run it to bring up the starting window.

Before the whole process, please make sure you have installed iTunes on computer to ensure success of the program.

Step 2. In the second step, you are required to connect both your devices to PC via USB cables. Once connected, your smart device will be detected by the program immediately and then shown in the starting window of the place “Source” and “Destination”, which means files will be transferred from the phone in the “Source” one to the phone in the “Destination” one.

iphone to htc data transfer
Note: If you want to clear all data on your new HTC phone, you can tick off the “Clear data before copy” to delete all data on HTC phone; in addition, you can click “Flip” to copy data from HTC to other phone as well.

Step 3. Now, you can learn how to move files from other phone to HTC phone.

With help of the program, you can choose to transfer almost all your files to your HTC phone in just one click, such as SMS, media files, contacts, and so on. Since the file types that can be transferred varies, please check below:

  • Data you can transfer from Android phone to HTC phone: calendar, SMS, apps, call history, contacts, pictures, music, videos.
  • Nokia (Symbian) to HTC phone transfer: Contacts, text messages, music, video and photos can be moved.
  • Data can be transferred from iOS Device to HTC: media files, calendar, contacts, SMS.

By default, all files are checked to transfer, if you want to transfer only part files, please keep the files checked and remove those that you don’t want to transfer. After these, please click the button “Start Copy”, the transfer will then start to transfer for you automatically.

trasnfer data from iphone to htc
Note: You should make your two devices connected to your PC stably during the whole process to ensure success of the process. When the process comes to the end, please click “OK” to finish it.

Here please just download free trial version of the program to have a try!

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version)Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)