A Versatile Android Manager For Everyone

The exceptionally powerful multi-files manager offered by MobileGo is going to make it much easier than ever for users to download, manage, import and export your photos, videos, music with a mere push of a button in just a single location in real time. You can now de-duplicate your contacts, switch between devices, managing your ever growing collection apps, backup and restore each and everyone and send messages straight from your desktop. All of these possible with the help of MobileGo!

De-duplicate and Manage Your Contacts

One just a single click of a button, you can now quickly detect, delete or merge duplicate contacts. This time, phone numbers, emails and so much more can now be stored under a single entry.

Use Your Computer to Send Text Messages

Chat with all contacts from your Android device straight from your desktop. This powerful messenger will also give you the chance to read all your messages on iOS and choose several contacts, view conversation threads and so much more while simultaneously performing other activities on your computer.

Manage Your Favorite Music

MobileGo is a powerful music manager that let you quickly remove, add and transfer music right away from your hard drive or web to your mobile device within its easy to use interface.

Arrange Your Photos Seamlessly

Since you take thousands of photos every single day, images are usually dropped to several folders or even left on your SD cards. MobileGo will let you add, export and delete photos with a mere click of a button to save time and save you from the frustrations.

Video Management Made Easy

Browse, download and transfer all of your favorite videos to your phone and tablet in a matter of seconds within MobileGo interface. You can save all your favorite websites for quick access later on.

Manage and Control Your Apps Conveniently

Through the built-in app manager, it's much easier to download, remove, and manage apps from your Android device. Access Google Play Store directly for you to browse with the quickest internet speeds, right inside MobileGo window.

Exceptional and Powerful File Manager

If you are the type of person who always checks your files constantly, you can navigate the content of your Android devices in a similar file structure. With this feature of MobileGo, you can easily move, delete, and create files that will keep your files organized or hidden.

The Essential & Powerful Toolkit of MobileGo

The Essential Toolkit of MobileGo makes managing and optimizing your mobile device essentials in a hassle-free manner. You can restore and backup all your vital data, quickly recover the lost files, root your Android device to get around restrictions or delete your mobile for protecting your privacy.

Optimize Your Device Using MobileGo

With this Android manager, MobileGo offers you an one-stop solution that will allow you to handle your mobile lifestyle in a convenient manner.

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Transfer Data

With jus the 1-click Phone Transfer of MobileTrans, anyone can transfer from and to any type of device. Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android, even Windows phone, this app will not let you fail when transferring data.

Recover Data

If you always have troubles in recovering data, there's a good solution for you and that is using Dr.Fone Data Recovery, which is an app designed for any data that hasn’t yet been overwritten by continued usage after the incident.