The professional MobileGo for Android can remove or delete duplicate contacts on Android phone in an easy way with simple clicks.

When we want to communicate or share with our friends, we will contact them with contacts stored on our Android phone. It is really very important to save contacts well. However, it is not a good thing if there are so many duplicate contacts. Why? Duplicate contacts take up much space in our Android phone and make it difficult to manage our contacts. Hence we need to delete duplicate contacts in regular. Of course, we can delete one by one. However, if we have large numbers of duplicate contacts to delete, it will waste us a lot of time.

If we have a professional and functional tool to help us remove duplicate contacts, things become much easier. Here you can try Wondershare MobileGo for Android, which enables you to delete duplicate contacts on your Android phone in an easy. Since all duplicate contacts will be displayed with the same name, phone number and email, the tool will delete contacts without fault.

Now, just download the free trial version of Wondershare MobileGo for Android to have a try. With the free trial version, you can only delete part of your duplicate contacts, you will need to purchase our program if you want to delete all duplicate contacts on your Android phone. I will show you how to remove duplicate contacts step by step. Just follow me to have a try.

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Easy way to delete duplicate contacts on Android phone

Step 1: Connect Android phone to computer

Firstly, please install Wondershare MobileGo for Android on your computer and then run it by double clicking. Then please connect your Android phone with your PC via USB cable. Wondershare MobileGo for Android will detect your Android phone automatically, after that, you will see your device displayed in the screen of your computer. All files including music, SMS and contacts will be displayed in the primary window.

MobileGo for Android Phone

Step 2: Remove duplicate contacts on Android

If you want to delete duplicate contacts on Android, just click the button “Contacts” in the left directory tree. Then please click on the button “De-duplicate”. After that, the program will detect all duplicate contacts on your phone and display them in the screen of your computer. Since all contacts with duplicate ones will be shown, you need to remove marks correspondently if you only want to delete some. Then choose a match type at the top line and click “Merge Selected” at the lower right corner.

delete duplicate contacts

merge android duplicate contacts

You will see a rectangle “Are you sure you want to merge the selected group as showed in the preview?”. Definitely click “Yes” to start the merging process. You ought to keep your Android phone connected with your computer during the whole process. When the process comes to the end, please click the button “OK” to finish it.

Well done! You have now deleted all duplicate contacts on your Android phone that you choose. Isn’t it a very easy-going tool? Just download to have a try!

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