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Backup Bookmarks on Your Android Devices In An Easy Way

With the development of Internet, we prefer to browse websites by our Android phone or tablet. But you may run into troubles like countless others. We may lose our bookmark due to various accidents. Here we will introduce you some of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use apps to help to back up the bookmarks on your Android device. Hope you will like them.

Backup Google Nexus 5 Data in Three Different Way

If you have stored many important data on your new Google Nexus 5, it is very important to make a Nexus 5 data backup. Once you delete your important data by accident, get your Nexus 5 stolen or format your Nexus 5, you will lose part or all your data. Thus, it is very necessary to backup your Google Nexus 5 all important and valuable data so that you can easily get them back once lost them.

How to Transfer/Sync iCloud Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S5

Now the new Samsung Galaxy series is released, as a smart phone lover, you cannot miss the new phone. When abandoned your iPhone to the Android phone, the first and very necessary thing you have to do is transferring contacts from iPhone to Android phone. If you ever backed up all contacts to iCloud, you can transfer contacts to Android device since you can export contacts easily from iCloud to a vCard file on the PC. In the article, I will show you how to export contacts from iCloud to VCF file first, and then give you two choices to import iCloud VCF file to Android phone directly. Please choose either one according to your preference.

Sync Contacts from Gmail to Android

Many people tell us to make Gmail contacts backup. It is really good for us especially when we get new smartphone or lost our cellphone and thus all our contacts. However, it is not so easy to sync these Gmail contacts to our Android phone or tablet. In order to sync Gmail contacts to your new Samsung Galaxy S5 or other Android phone in an easy way, you will need a professional third party tool for help. This article is written to tell you how to make Gmail contacts sync to Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S5.