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[LG G4 Backup & Restore]: How to Backup and Restore Data in LG G4

LG G4 is going to be released this early June globally. Gorgeous as it is, it has already attracted public attention. So what do we do after getting the new LG G4 phone? Yes, it is a general concern how to copy the preferred contents from the old smartphone to the new LG G4. Well, some of you may know well about how to handle this. But today, I am going to introduce a totally different way to achieve this goal. Besides, this article also helps with those who want to avoid the loss of information. So, the key issue is steps of LG G4 data backup & restore, or backing up and restoring the preferred contents of your old phone to new LG G4. Let’s keep it brief and cut to the theme. And here comes the detailed guidance.

Manage Your LG Phones with The Best LG PC Suite Substitute

Although many LG users are using LG PC Suite to manage their beloved LG phones, the LG management program has a lot of shortages and cannot satisfy a healthy chunk of more and more users. In addition, the LG PC Suite even get stuck during the process when you are sharing files with your friends and transfer files to other device. Thus, it is very necessary to find a professional LG PC Suite substitute for help.

Backup Google Nexus 5 Data in Three Different Way

If you have stored many important data on your new Google Nexus 5, it is very important to make a Nexus 5 data backup. Once you delete your important data by accident, get your Nexus 5 stolen or format your Nexus 5, you will lose part or all your data. Thus, it is very necessary to backup your Google Nexus 5 all important and valuable data so that you can easily get them back once lost them.

How to Transfer Contents Between Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3/4/Edge/5/7

You may think it is not a big deal to move data from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to a Note 3 since they are based on the same operating system. Two USB cables will do. It is true if you want to transfer photos, music and videos only. What if you want to copy contacts, call logs, apps, SMS text messages and more as well? Actually, it is quite easy. In this article, we are going to introduce two powerful data transfer tools to you. Both of them are released by Wondershare. The first one is the Wondershare MobileTrans, with which you can easily transfer contents from Galaxy Note 2 to Note 3. The other one is the Wondershare MobileGo for Android. This tool is specially designed for data management. Apart from supporting data transfer, it also applies to back up files on Note 2 and restore to Note 3. Now, let’s just check them out one by one.

Two Options to Backup Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/5/7

You may think that it is not a big deal to backup the data on phone to the computer. It is true in most of the cases. However, when it comes to back up the Galaxy Note 3 or Note 3, some users may have a hard time figuring out why they fail to do so. Actually, in addition to Samsung Kies, there are still many powerful tools that enable you to backup your Galaxy Note 3 easily. In this article, we are going to share two amazing apps with you. Let's waste no time to check them out.

Five Powerful Substitutes for Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is the official data manager of Samsung portable products. With its help, you can manage your Samsung tablet and phone on a Windows PC or a Mac. However, just like iTunes, Samsung Kies is accessible to Samsung phones and tablets only, which mean it will be useless for the other phones and tablets, such as LG, HTC and Motorola. To get a better management, you may want a substitute for Samsung Kies. Which one should you turn to? Don’t worry. This article has helped you find some helpers. Just follow the article. Five substitute tools will be listed. You can go through the article and choose one working well for you.

How to Transfer/Sync iCloud Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S5

Now the new Samsung Galaxy series is released, as a smart phone lover, you cannot miss the new phone. When abandoned your iPhone to the Android phone, the first and very necessary thing you have to do is transferring contacts from iPhone to Android phone. If you ever backed up all contacts to iCloud, you can transfer contacts to Android device since you can export contacts easily from iCloud to a vCard file on the PC. In the article, I will show you how to export contacts from iCloud to VCF file first, and then give you two choices to import iCloud VCF file to Android phone directly. Please choose either one according to your preference.

Transfer Files to Samsung Note 3 / 4 / 5 / 7

Still troubled in having no idea on how to transfer files from PC to your Samsung Note 3 / Note 2? It seems that we change our cell phone more and more frequently, and the PC may contain a lot of important files such as music, films and so on which should be transferred to your every new smart phone so that you can enjoy them in every where conveniently. However, it could be a troublesome when there is no essential way to do the task. Fortunately your trouble is over now!