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6 08, 2013

How to Remove or Delete Preinstalled Apps on Android Easily

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When we got a new Android phone, such as a HTC phone, we can see some Preinstalled Apps on the Android. However, with time flies, we may find we don't need these Preinstalled apps. What's worse, we cannot even uninstall them directly. If you don't want to leave these apps on your Android and want to leave more room for more new apps, you can remove them with the help of certain third party tool. The tool I now recommend to you is called Wondershare MobileGo for Android (for Windows users). As a tool specialized for Android user, it can help you to remove preinstalled apps on Android devices in just one click.

3 05, 2013

Import / Export Contacts from Android or to Android Phone

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If you need to import contacts from computer to Android or export contacts from Android to computer in an easy way when you got a new Android phone, you will need a third-party program to help you. Wondershare MobileGo for Android is the best choice for you. Read the article to learn how to import/export contacts from Android or to Android step by step.